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Meeting with Indiana Governor

During the past year, our firm represented 3 Israeli companies (Omen from Kibbutz Hazor, Polyram from Moshav Ram-On and MCP from Kibbutz HaMaapil) in establishing large-scale manufacturing facilities in the State of Indiana, USA.

Together these three companies created almost 200 new jobs in Indiana, and they are growing.

In a meeting held in May 2018, between Indiana Governor, Mr. Eric J. Holocomb, and Adv. Yair Estline from our firm, the Governor conveyed his gratitude to our clients and invited additional Israeli companies to establish their US operations in his state.

In the photo – Governor Holocomb and Adv. Estline exchanging views regarding the similarities and differences between Kibbutzniks and "Hoosiers" (a common nickname for the residents of the State of Indiana).



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