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About Us

Legal Practice and Expertise

Our lawyers are equipped with vast experience and unique legal expertise, which were acquired in many years of service in leading law firms in Israel and New York. Based on the unique legal expertise of our lawyers and with the cooperation of a large network of foreign law firms, with whom we work regularly, we offer to our clients a vast range of professional legal services and capabilities in the following fields: Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, International Cross-Border Transactions, Commercial Agreements, Kibbutz Industries, Agro-Tech, Food-Tech, Hi-Tech, Software, Private Equity, Venture Capital and more.

Global Reach with a Personal Touch

Our firm’s main expertise is accompanying and advising entrepreneurs, companies & investors in international, cross-border, transactions. Our firm’s unique international capabilities are on a par with those of much larger international law firms, but with the finesse, quality and efficient manner of a boutique law firm.

Results’ Orientation & Business Expertise

Our mission is to help our clients to conduct their business in a safe, lawful and profitable manner. We are intimately familiar with our clients’ needs and we understand their business requirements. Without compromising on the legal aspects, we offer them with tailor-made legal and business advice that can go well beyond the four corners of the legal document. Due to our extensive experience in cross-border transactions and familiarity with prominent players in these markets, we are able to provide our clients with significant added value.

Pro Bono & Giving Back to the Community

Our lawyers and staff are involved in a variety of voluntary work, both within the legal profession, through pro-bono representation and outside its boundaries in various other volunteering actions. We consider ourselves as part of the civil community surrounding us and we believe in giving back to the community as an important tool to empower the individual and society as a whole.

Practice Areas



Our lawyers Advising hundreds of companies and investors with respect to U.S., Israeli & international cross-border transactions.



Our lawyers have gained ample experience in advising international corporations and Israeli companies on all aspects of Israeli and U.S. corporate law and securities law.

 Investments, Mergers

& Acquisitions (M&A)

Our lawyers have vast experience advising companies and investors on all aspects of mergers & acquisitions (“M&A”) both in Israel & abroad.



Our lawyers help our clients on a regular basis and deal with all aspects and all stages of negotiating, drafting and closing various commercial agreements.



Our lawyers have many years of experience representing various corporations & cooperatives associations owned by Kibbutzim & Moshavim in Israel.



Our lawyers have vast experience in representing companies in the field of agro-tech, who develop tools and methods based on innovative and knowledge.

 Technology Companies

& Venture Capital

Our lawyers have vast experience providing legal advice to entrepreneurs, investors, start-up companies and venture capital funds, both in Israel and abroad.

 Civil & Commercial


Our firm in cooperation with leading foreign law firms advise our clients in civil commercial litigation and cross border disputes and legal proceedings.


Our Team

Shoshana Rabinowitz

Estline & Co., Attorneys at Law is a registered member and sole Israeli representative of LawPact – an international network of law firms around the world. Through our partners at Lawpact, we provide our clients, professional and competent legal advice in connection with their activities worldwide.


LawPact is an international non-profit corporation established in 2001, which brings together dozens of law firms worldwide, including most of the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia.



 Machinery / Metal / Die Casting   


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Food / Food-Tech

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IT/ Software/ Services

Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds

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Media / Advertising

Retail / Consumer Products / Lifestyle 

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